Armenia’s Permanent Representative presented the letter of his credence to the Director General of the OPCW


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On December 7th Tigran Balayan, Permanent Representative of Armenia to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons presented his letter of credence to Fernando Arias, Director General of the OPCW.

Welcoming and wishing success to Ambassador Balayan, the Director General of the OPCW importance to the cooperation between member states and technical secretariat of the OPCW for the fulfilment of the aims of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Tigran Balayan thanked Fernando Arias for the warm welcome and stressed that Armenia values the OPCW role in the efforts aimed at maintaining the international security. He underlines that Armenia is ready to continue close cooperation with the OPCW technical secretariat. Armenia’s Permanent Representative stressed the necessity of consensus in decision taking process with the OPCW as a prerequisite of preserving unity of the international community aimed at the implementation of goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Director General of the OPCW and Permanent Representative of Armenia, exchanged views on the activities of the Organisation, and the process undergoing within the OPCW.

The two praised elaboration of effective mechanisms on national implementation of the Chemical weapons convention. They touched upon the international cooperation on peaceful use of chemicals.

After the meeting Permanent Representative of Armenia toured the premises of the OPCW , got acquainted with activities of Executive Council.


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