The Ambassador’s visit to Overijssel province


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On January 18, Tigran Balayan, the Ambassador of Armenia to the Netherlands, visited Overijssel, where he met with a number of Armenian businessmen working in textile and fashion. Namely, Ambassador Balayan visited the offices of “MAIKAZZ”, “SOPHIA PERLA. MILA SARVE”, “MJ”, “MILA JEANS”, “ELVIRA”, “ARTO FASHION” brands։

During the meetings, Tigran Balayan briefed the heads of the fashion houses on the possibilities of establishing production in Armenia and exporting to neighboring and EEU countries. He also underlining that in addition to the rich experience and traditions of textile production in Armenia, the legislation provides for a new set of tax privileges for starting a textile production.

On the same day, Ambassador Balayan met at the State Council of Overijssel, namely with the leadership of the SGP party faction. During the conversation Ambassador Balayan presented the recent developments in Armenia and the efforts towards the development of Armenian-Dutch relations.An agreement was reached on the steps to be taken towards the establishment of cooperation between one of the provinces of Armenia and Overijssel.

In the evening, a meeting of Ambassador Balayan and the Armenian and Dutch businessmen took place in the Armenian Apostolic church of Almelo,. During the meeting Tigran Balayan presented the possibilities of working in Armenia and exporting Armenian products to the Netherlands. The participants of the meeting discussed the possibility of establishing the Armenian-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and the principles of its operation.

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