Ambassador’s visit to Maastricht


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On April 25, Mr. Balayan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Netherlands, met Annemarie Penn-te Strake, mayor of Maastricht.

During the discussion, Ambassador Balayan emphasized the efforts implemented by the current government of Armenia to tackle corruption and strengthen the rule of law and democracy in the country.

Mayor A. Penn-te Strake noted that historically the city of Maastricht relates to Armenia and the Armenian people as the patron of the city is Armenian-born Saint Servatius, to him one of the main Catholic churches in the city is dedicated. Later during the meeting, Mayor A. Penn-te Strake expressed appreciation for Armenian community’s integration and active participation in city’s social, cultural, economic and political life.

In this context, Ambassador Balayan commended the Mayor and Dutch people for their attention and care towards the Armenian community of the city and for creation of favourable environment for Armenians to keep their national identity.

On the same day, Ambassador Balayan met Rianne Letschert, rector of Maastricht University. Interlocutors discussed perspectives of educational cooperation between Maastricht University and universities in Armenia. They also discussed the issue of genocide and possibilities of establishment of cooperation in this direction.

Ambassador Balayan gave an outline on Armenia’s foreign policy priorities, specifically genocide prevention agenda of the Armenian government and efforts currently being implemented in this regard.

As a gift to Maastricht University more than twenty books on the Armenian history and the cultural legacy of the country were given to the library of the university.  

Later, during the day, Ambassador Balayan had a meeting with the Armenian community of Maastricht in Armenian Apostolic Church of Surp Karapet.

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