Ambassador’s presentation on Armenia’s foreign policy in Erasmus University


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Ambassador’s presentation on Armenia’s foreign policy in Erasmus University


On May 3, Ambassador T. Balayan in the framework of the 104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide delivered a lecture entitled "The Foreign Policy of Armenia: The Survived and Revived Nation’’ on the initiative of the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University and the RA Embassy in the Netherlands. In his speech, Ambassador Balayan presented the history of the First Republic of Armenia and its foreign policy under difficult geopolitical conditions.

Touching upon the main priorities of Armenia's foreign policy after its independence in 1991, Tigran Balayan introduced Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and long-lasting efforts made by Armenia to achieve its peaceful settlement. Ambassador emphasized that the final status of Artsakh and the security of its people are the main priorities of the Armenian diplomacy.

Stressing that Armenia is pursuing a pro-Armenian, so called ‘‘Armenia-centric’’ foreign policy, the ambassador said that Armenia has allies, friends, and builds its relations with the outside world based on its national interests.

Regarding the importance of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Ambassador Balayan elaborated on Armenia's leading role and its initiatives in preventing crimes against humanity. Referring to the statements made by the Turkish President about the victims of the Armenian Genocide, Ambassador Balayan qualified them as terrifying and as an unsuccessful attempt to conceal the crime against humanity committed in the Ottoman Empire.

The Armenian Ambassador briefed the audience about the large-scale reforms such as fight against corruption and monopoly, carried out by the Armenian government. T. Balayan elaborated on Armenia's engagement in international organizations and its participation in peacekeeping missions around the world.

The lecture was followed by Q&A session, during which Ambassador addressed many questions of the audience.


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