King's Commissioner of the province of Overijssel visited Armenian Apostolic Church of Almelo


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On June 30, Andries Heidma, King's Commissioner of the province of Overijssel, visited St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Almelo. Mr. Heidma was welcomed by Ambassador of Armenia Tigran Balayan, Onik Geliji, chairman of Church council of Almelo, and Fr Mashtots Baghdasaryan, priest of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church of Almelo.


King's Commissioner attended the liturgy in the Armenian church, visited the memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide, talked to the students and the teachers of the Mesrop Mashtots Sunday School, as well as watched the performances of the students organized in his honor.


During the meeting with Andries Heidma, Ambassador Balayan emphasized the importance of  the establishment of cooperation between Armenia and the province, given to the fact that Overijssel is the most Armenian-populated region in the country and the Armenian community might become a natural linkage in this context. Ambassador Balayan briefed his interlocutor on the initiatives to advance the Armenian-Dutch relations.


Mr.Geliji, chairman of St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church council, briefed King's Commissioner on the Armenian community life and activities of the church council. At the same time he highlighted the exemplary integration of the Armenian-Dutch community and efforts to preserve the Armenian identity. 

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