Aprmenpress: Netherland’s parliament suggests opening Embassy in Armenia in support of Armenian government


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The 4 coalition parties of the parliament of the Netherlands suggested the leadership of the country to provide the foreign ministry 2 million Euros for opening an Embassy in Yerevan as a message of support to the Government of Armenia, MP representing Christian Union faction, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Joël Voordewind told ARMENPRESS, emphasizing that by this the Netherlands will demonstrate its support to the Government of Armenia to continue the reforms, fight against corruption and protection of human rights with more confident steps.

“By the initiative of the Christian Union faction the 4 coalition forces suggested to open an Embassy in Yerevan. We want to support the velvet revolution that took place in Armenia and the courageous steps initiated by the new Government”, he said, emphasizing that they want to strengthen relations with Armenia.

Why now? It’s very clear for Joël Voordewind. Following the velvet revolution of Armenia this is a very good message to Yerevan to show the support of the Netherlands for the reforms.

The MP initiated a debate on the Turkish invasion to Syria. He noted that the attacks against Armenians in Syria remind the Armenian Genocide. “Being a NATO-member state, Turkey attacks sovereign state of Syria. Armenians are again persecuted, even killed, like a few days ago two Armenians fell victim of a terror attack in Qamishli. We witnessed the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the U.S. Congress, our parliament has also condemned it and we continue to impose pressures on the Government for recognizing the Armenian Genocide”, Joël Voordewind emphasized, who is also the Co-chair of Armenia-Netherlands friendship group.  

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