Presentation of Armenian wine in Rotterdam


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On November 23, at fashion salon Design Studio Armeni in the heart of Rotterdam, a wine tasting event was organized by the Embassy of Armenia in the Netherlands, Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia and Royal Beverages (Drinkrituals). The event was attended by representatives of Rotterdam hotels, restaurants and specialized shops, as well as members of the cultural and business community, and members of the Armenian community.

Welcoming the participants, Ambassador of Armenia to the Netherlands Tigran Balayan thanked the founders of Maison d'Armeni for hosting Armenian wine tasting event and for ensuring such a wonderful atmosphere. “Armenian brandy is known all over the world, now our goal is to bring the same fame to Armenian wine as it can satisfy the most demanding people by its quality. It is no coincidence that the world's first 6100-year-old wine factory has been found in Armenia,” Ambassador Balayan said.

According to Ambassador of Armenia, the fact that the export of Armenian wine to the Netherlands has grown dramatically in the past few years and amount of bottles have reached to 15,000 last year, shows that there is great potential and such events contribute disclosure of that potential.

Afterwards, Liana Abelyan, Head of International Relations at Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, presented the history of winemaking in Armenia, the regions of winemaking and the types of wine.

Under the sounds of jazz, Armenian wine tasters had also the opportunity to enjoy Armenian cuisine. 

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